Theft Crimes

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A Criminal Record That Could Impact Future Job Prospects

When people are accused of crimes, they often think of the immediate consequences. They worry about fines and incarceration. Often overlooked are the unseen consequences. In theft crime cases in particular, a conviction will result in a criminal record that will dramatically hinder the accused’s ability to get work in the future. Especially in the current economic climate, employers are not going to be interested in people who they believe cannot be trusted because of past theft crimes. At Cherry Criminal Law, our attorneys will help you understand the impact charges will have on your life. We will work hard to prevent that impact.

We have decades of experience getting justice for people facing accusations of theft crimes. As your advocates, we will fight to defend your future.

Defense Against All Theft Crimes

Our attorneys defend people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania against theft crimes of all types, including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Employee theft
  • Auto theft
  • Robbery

Many theft crimes are considered white collar crimes. We have the experience to defend against charges of embezzlement and theft by fraud.

What Evidence Do They Have Against You?

Many people accused of theft crimes like shoplifting believe that there is little a lawyer can do for them. They may have been caught in the act. People may believe the evidence against them is overwhelming. We want you to know that we can still help. Even if we are not able to get charges dismissed entirely, our experience means we may be able to work with criminal prosecutors to negotiate a better outcome than you would achieve on your own.

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